Why Continuous Security Testing is Essential in the Fight Against Cybercrime

Why Continuous Security Testing is Essential in the Fight Against Cybercrime

It’s no secret that the attack surface expands and becomes more complex as new technologies evolve. Only those who continually test, update, and optimize their cyber defenses can proactively protect their critical assets.



In today’s highly digitized world, with a constantly evolving IT landscape, more devices are connected to organizational networks every day, each with potential entry points for sophisticated attackers. Cybercriminals persistently seek new ways to evade security measures. With the growing adoption of «smart» devices that make our lives simpler and more efficient, companies’ exposure levels continue to expand.



Continuous security testing involves assessing, testing, and improving an organization’s security controls, established procedures, infrastructure resilience, and system configurations. Due to the proliferation of cyber threats, traditional security practices are no longer sufficient to safeguard systems or networks against the risks associated with interconnectivity and new technologies.



Frequent testing is the most effective way to protect your company from cyber threats. Through the CyScope platform, companies can continuously assess their critical assets through real-world simulations while receiving actionable recommendations to mitigate vulnerabilities and optimize their security controls.



With the support of CyScope’s ethical hacker community, companies and organizations gain visibility and the ability to proactively manage their blind spots and security vulnerabilities, leading to continuous improvements and the strengthening of technological assets.



Launching a program with CyScope is easy and quick. It not only enhances the visibility of your internal IT team but also facilitates the mitigation of system flaws. With a team of cybersecurity researchers working alongside you, you’ll not only stay informed about cyber threats but also stay one step ahead of them.



Discover how your company can leverage our international community of ethical hackers to gain visibility, bolster your security posture, and minimize risk.

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