The ranking and sanctions system is an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions and will be understood for all purposes as an annex. The ranking and sanctions system governs for all Hackers and Clients validly registered on the website, collectively called “User”, without prejudice to the specific causes for each one that will be indicated case by case. case.

This annex indicates the method for qualifying Hackers operating on the platform and describes the criteria for disabling and / or suspending Users.

The review and acceptance of this document is essential to maintain the professionalism and trust established in the community of Users of CyScope.

CyScope wishes to implement and maintain professionalism in its community by working only with trusted experts. As a consequence of the foregoing, the Hacker’s qualification begins from the moment that they register on the platform. The CyScope investigation committee analyzes, through an exhaustive process, the Hacker’s application and the authenticity of the information provided.


Once accepted, the Hacker can participate in public programs, demonstrate their professional skills and experience. Upon completion of the first program, the Hacker gets a place in the international ranking system belonging to CyScope based on the number of points earned.

In order to maintain a safe and fair environment for users, CyScope reserves the right to suspend or disable accounts.


The following will be grounds for suspension or disqualification, according to the case:

The subscription of minors or those who do not have the capacity to sign a contract according to the legislation in force in the country in which they reside, or the subsequent detection of this circumstance will cause the user to be permanently disabled from

In CyScope each user is identified by their email and username.


If a user creates multiple accounts, their account may be permanently disabled from operating on the site.


If a user has been suspended for this reason, CyScope will require that valid ID from the country of residence be provided in order to rule out account duplication.

CyScope works to maintain a safe community, where users can operate with confidence. For this it is necessary that all users maintain a correct behavior, aligned with what is expressed in the General Terms and Conditions and other annexes that they accepted when registering.


If a user is suspected of trying to harm others through irregular operations, CyScope may suspend or even permanently ban them from operating on the site, without prejudice to other rights that could assist CyScope or the third party being affected.

CyScope reserves the right to suspend an account temporarily or permanently if the User presents disrespectful and abusive behavior towards a Client, CyScope’s internal team or the hacking community.
Every time a Client publishes a security program, it generates an inescapable commitment between all the parties involved. Said commitment consists of the execution of the service in accordance with the general terms and conditions and other annexes defined by CyScope. Failure to comply with the deadlines, quality of the result, and rules associated with the program will generate a disqualification or suspension of the User’s account. The case will be later regulated by CyScope according to the severity of the breach depending on its nature.

When a User is suspended, they cannot access or use the platform.

If a User is disabled and wishes to access the platform again, they must contact CyScope through the contact form published on the Website to explain the reasons for the breach and request a rehabilitation. The CyScope team will assess the severity of the breach, damage caused and will notify the User, by sending an email, of the acceptance of their reinstatement or the rejection of their request.

The CyScope team reserves the right to change, add or remove parts of the ranking and sanctioning system, at any time, by posting the update date on the Website. It is the responsibility of the User to periodically review the ranking and sanctions system when using the website and its services. The User acknowledges and accepts that it is their responsibility to review the ranking and sanctions system periodically and be aware of the modifications.

The User, declares to have read, understood and accept all the conditions established in the General Terms and Conditions and in the ranking and sanctions system, prior to their registration as a User of CyScope. Their continuous use of the Site after the posting of changes to this policy will consider their acceptance of those changes.
If you have any questions about the ranking system and penalties, site practices or your relationship with this site, please contact the CyScope administrator team: [email protected]