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You have a fundamental mission in today’s digital world: use your talent for good, helping us to create a safer society. CyScope gives you the space to do it in total autonomy and legitimacy.

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A hacker powered platform

Say goodbye to clunky processes and hello to streamlined collaboration. With open communication at the heart of it all, you’ll be riding the waves of success with ease.

Straight forward framework

In our game, transparency is the ultimate power-up! We’ve laid out the rules in neon lights, making sure you have all the information you need to navigate the battlefield like a pro. From program details to payment methods and platform policies, we’ve got your back covered.

Our internal team has your back

Our platform is driven by a squad of passionate cybersecurity professionals, just like you! Operating in the shadows, they’re here to enhance your journey, answer your burning questions, and ensure your rewards are paid with lightning speed.
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Whether you’re a master at securing web applications, networks or cloud services, CyScope gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your talent and make the most of it.

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Complete the registration form with your profile and experience details. This helps the review committee do their magic!

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Once your profile gets the thumbs up, we’ll send you all the legal documents to sign and the one to provide.

We take it from here. Be patient

As part of our vetting process, and in order to know you better, we need to check a few details.  No worries. It won’t take too long.

Level up with programs

Time to show off your skills! We’ll grant you access to a list of exciting programs. Submit top-notch reports, earn points, and unlock epic rewards and surprises along the way.
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